Bust the Breast's mission statement: To spread awareness to the masses as fearless, painless, no doubt acceptance. Good or Bad results I'm aware of "my" status!








About Us

I am a two time breast cancer survivor. The first discovery was in June 2007. A small lump appeared on my left breast. I was diagnosed with Her-2 positive stage 1 breast cancer. The recommended treatment plan was a lumpectomy followed by chemo therapy and radiation. I successfully completed this treatment plan in 2009.
The second discovery was in June 2013. Microcalcifications appeared on a schedule routine mammogram. This appeared on my left breast and I was diagnosed with Her-2 negative stage 1 breast cancer. My treatment plan resulted in a bilateral mastectomy followed by immediate reconstructon. No chemotherapy and no radiation.

I have a deep passion to spread the word about breast cancer awareness and the importance of early detection. I wanted to spread awareness in a way that was socially acceptable while putting people at ease whether they are effected or know someone or lost someone to this disease. 
One percent of men are diagnosed with breast cancer.  Both men and women are placed in supportive roles when their loved ones are fighting  for their lives battling this disease.

A significant other, husband, wife, friend or intimate partner perform exams all the time. If you're in this role and notice something strange. Please do not hesitate to bring it to the person attention.
Let's all Suggest One and Save One. Send people for mammograms and save lives!  

Note From Terry:



We’ve launched a unisex campaign for breast cancer awareness called Bust The Breast “ I’m a survivor myself.

Bust The Breast is for both men and women because 1 to 2 percent of men come down with breast cancer.

When people ask me, why the handcuffs?

Bust is in two ways. 1. Bust as in a police bust. 2. Bust as in your breast. 
We’re the first and only unisex campaign! Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if your white, black, Hispanic or Asian. It doesn’t care what color you are so why signify one color (Pink).

Our apparel comes in different colors because we’re different colors, different races, nationalities. We’re from different walks of life. 
By having our appeal in different colors to choose from. It gives the flexibility to be fashionable and wear the colors you prefer being male or female. We’re sending one message. Self-examination for breast cancer awareness! Bust The Breast!

When People Ask What Is Our Goal?

To pay breast cancer survivor bills. To help them survive financial difficulties while receiving treatment. 
When asked what’s my interest or do I know someone that has breast cancer. I tell them I’m a breast cancer survivor as well.